Jun 2, 2010

I can't believe my kids have already been on summer vacation for a week! Last Friday, we flew to San Francisco for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. How amazing is that! We had a good time seeing family, playing at the beach, eating, visiting, etc. They had a party at the Cliff House which was beautiful. The view from the private room was great! Big windows looking out over the cliff into the ocean was cool and the kids liked watching the surfers.

Dragged the family to Japan Town so I could go to Kinokuniya, but my husband only had enough quarters for 20 minutes. I had to move fast! This was my first time there and I SO wish I had tons of time to browse. I did pick up some Japanese washi tape, decorative packing tape and some pens. The bookstore looked amazing even though everything was in Japanese.

The flight home was delayed and long. My entry above is related to something I read in one of the in-flight magazines on United. It has stuck with me and is so true. You see, we now live in a suburb that is OBSESSED with sports and we just don't get it. Everyone here thinks their child is the best and is the one to go pro. Whatever happened to playing sports for the sake of learning how to play, how to be part of a team and to have fun? The parents here get mean and so competitive. Don't they realize these kids are 6, 7 or 8? My kids want to play to have fun, not because they care about being the best. I find most of it to be pathetic and a turn off. Maybe one day we will move to an area where creating is highly valued too!

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  1. you are 100% right in your opinion about sports!