Oct 16, 2013

Speed of Life

Recently I bought Pam Carriker's new book Creating Art At The Speed of Life: 30 Days of Mixed Media Exploration. 

As I scanned through the book, I immediately decided to do every lesson. It might take me longer than 30 days, but I am going to do them all.

I LOVE taking workshops in person. There is really something to be said about being like-minded people who just get what you do. They love paper. They get excited about markers. They share what they've seen on so-and-so's blog or website. You get the idea.  About 5 years ago, I flew to Portland to take a soldering class from Sally Jean Alexander. I had the most spectacular weekend and a few years ago I flew to Ohio to take an art journaling workshop from Teesha Moore. Again, it was an amazing weekend.

I thought as the kids got older it would be easier for me to go take workshops, but oh was I wrong. There just isn't the time and I can't clone myself. So, I thought this will be a great way for me to participate. Sure, I've registered for many online workshops and I start but never finish. I think having a book might be the answer. We'll see. I will post my assignments and see how I progress.

I followed Pam's directions as to how to make her journal. It's a great size.   I made the color wheel and am ready for lesson #1. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow! It's supposed to be cold and rainy here.

Oct 15, 2013

Gelli Tape

I used clear packing tape and made some really cool sheets on the Gelli plate. I brushed on colored shimmery powder and silver leaf on the sticky areas and adhered them to the back of a cell phone cover. Love this process! You can check out my detailed post today over at Artistcellar.

Oct 8, 2013

Punch of Pink

It's Tuesday people and this means I'm the Design Team blogger today over at Artistcellar. Come see my full post that goes with these pictures!

Oct 5, 2013


Needed to get my juices flowing so I played around with the Gelli plate today. The first one I did right in my journal. The other I glued into my journal. Love the color combinations!

Oct 1, 2013

Girls Going Wild

I just received Jane Davenport's new Petite Girl Stencils in the mail and got to play with them for my post today over at Artistcellar. They are a great size...perfect for my journal. I used Peerless Watercolors to make my girl, added some tissue paper collage, some kosher salt for texture and did some writing on the page. This was great fun!

Gia, my 9 year old, got in on the fun too. Here is what she created in her journal. Fabulous use of colors!