Nov 30, 2013

Shimmer and shine

I finally finished playing around with this girl in my journal. I added the texture with molding paste. and added more color with Neocolor IIs. I bought some shimmery inks the other day and I wanted to see what would happen if I filled in the space around the stenciled texture with heavy gel medium mixed with the shimmery ink. I love the effect! I can't wait to try this out on a big piece of watercolor paper or canvas.

See the great shine and shimmer! LOVE IT

Nov 26, 2013


Since it's been really cold here, I've been playing in my art room. Gia wanted to make a new journal - - one we could work in together. Isn't that a fantastic idea? Partner journaling. We haven't started it yet.  She loves the vintage covers and it's BIG. 50 pages!!!!!

I've also been playing around in my journal trying out 3/4 facing faces in Tam's style. I love her girls! I'm pretty satisfied with this girl, but I don't like her nose. I always say that! I have a thing about drawing noses. I stink at them. Anyway, if I like the end result I might try another one but bigger.

Nov 6, 2013

Journal Time

Yesterday was my weekly post over at Artistcellar.  I am having a good time being part of the Design Team. My journal spread yesterday was about what I journal about. Good? Bad? Everything? Come take a look at my process and share what you put in your journal.

I took some time to go through my art room and found a journal from a few years ago. Here are two pages that I love. Both are done with Tombow markers. Playing with these are fun as the blending is great!