Apr 9, 2014

True Colors

I've been meaning to post for the last month but I've been engrossed with the DLP, painting and playing around with some new materials. We went to the Dominican Republic for spring vacation and had a great time! It was so nice not having to make lunches or dinners for anyone all week long! Anyway, I spent the morning playing around in my journal and this is who appeared.

Mar 12, 2014


I've been experimenting with some new mixed media materials and having lots of fun! I'm really enjoying these abstract pieces. What do you think?

Mar 6, 2014

Serious Play

I have been making major efforts to really play in my journal. Lately, I've been into using oil pastels on top of acrylic ink. The creaminess is amazing and I love the effect you get when done over oil. I also have been having fun playing around with the Pilot Varisty pen and the painterly effect you get when water is brushed on. I just wish I had more time in the day and I didn't have to do laundry or ever make dinner! They I'd really have more time to play.

Feb 25, 2014

Girls Inspire Girls

My gig is up! 6 months done. I can't believe I blogged every week for 6 months for Artistcellar and my time on the Design Team is over. It was fun. It was challenging. I'm not sure yet if it was what I expected or not, but I did realize I can blog regularly and it's not overwhelming. I have started to think about creating my own website for my work and maybe even try to sell! We'll see. I hope you'll go visit my post today. I love what I created!

Feb 19, 2014

Folk Arty

I bought a giant set of Caran D'Ache Neo Pastels. They are gorgeous!!! I haven't wanted to try them out because they look so beautiful in their tin but today was the day. I was playing around with acrylic paint and decided to use the oil pastels for some shading on top of the paint. They are so creamy, smooth and smoosh together easily.  Here is what I've been playing around with! I've been trying to work with the folk arty style. Check out the folk art style nose!

Feb 13, 2014

Girly Girl

Journal play! This was a quick journal page that started out with scribbles from Neo IIs, smooshed around with water and then some stenciling with one the Boy Genius stencil. I'm finding it interesting that the faster and less thought I put into my "paintings" the more I like them.  Maybe I should try this on canvas….just do it without thinking about the process or outcome.  I like the gentle shading and simplistic look of her face. I think I'm going to do more like this!

Jan 30, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me

I've been having fun with my Neoart crayons drawing birds. I think I'm going to need to keep drawing birds, maybe create a series. I'm excited about some new supplies 'i picked up the other day at Dick Blick. The neon pink on this journal page is a preview!