Jun 28, 2014

Open Acrylic

I've been playing around with Open Acrylic paints. They have a longer working time and are way different than I thought they'd be. Thicker. I found them challenging to work with but I'm going to rep at it as I'm feeling the need to create some abstracts with texture.  Need to blend more. Time to find some brushes that work for me!

Jun 20, 2014


Last week, my girlfriend Marissa and I had a mosaic artist come to my house to teach us and our girls about creating mosaics. I took a mosaic class (at Lill Street) in my twenties when I was single and living in the city.  I know I liked it, but didn't really remember learning anything.  It was a fun and messy afternoon. My garage was the perfect place to work! We still need to grout our pieces. I'll post those pics when they are finished.

Thinking of delving into mosaic work now! Just what I need. Another medium!!!

Jun 16, 2014


I finally ordered a gallon of gesso from Utrecht. I had been thinking about this for a really long time and finally just did it. I've heard this is the best gesso out there and let me tell you, it is! It is not runny. It is thick, but not crazy thick. I tried it on a little journal I made out of a Whole Foods brown bag and it was like buttah!!!!!

Jun 13, 2014

Room Complete!

My art studio is finally complete! Everything is together and it is so roomy....it's fantastic! I still have work to do organizing my materials, yet I'm ready to get going again. Now that it's summer vacation and my kids are around, it's hard to find time to myself to be alone in my space!