Sep 16, 2012


Playtime today with Luminarte Silks. The colors of these mica infused acrylic paints are fabulous! They are like little jewels! The beautiful shimmer can't be seen in the pictures, but it is there. I wasn't sure about them, but I really loved using them in my art journal and can't wait to play with them some more.

Sep 8, 2012

Gelli prints

Playtime with my Gelli plate! Lots of fun and now I need to figure out what to do with them.

Sep 4, 2012


So even though my kids started school 7 days ago, they are off today as the teachers have an inservice day already. Really??? Why??? As a former elementary teacher I am amazed but not completely surprised. So much for trying to get a routine going! Also found out my 5th grader has "fun Friday" each week at the end of the day. For 20 min. They can bring their iTouch or DS or something & play. Seriously? That's more than an hour of instructional time lost. Hey, here's an idea! How about the kids play board games. Or they make up their own board games. Better yet, get them outside playing!!!!! Ridiculous I say.

Here's a play page of paint, marker, collage & watercolor.