Mar 23, 2012

new app

I found a great new app and have been playing with it! I think I like the Photo Stream so I can take pics with my phone and then they automatically appear in my desktop library. This app has so many cool options. Here are some recent pieces from my journal and a girl I'm working on. I took the pics with my phone, altered them in the app and then uploaded them here!
Lately, I've been finger painting in my journal. This page was inspired by Max, my Havanese that was rescued from life in a puppy mill. The first picture is what I painted, the second picture is how I altered it in Camera+. The effect is called "fashion".
Have you found any cool Apps?

Mar 21, 2012

new supplies

I saw these cool new ink sprays on the Ranger site and couldn't wait for them! I found them on eBay and they came yesterday.

I got an email from Michael's that the new Liquitex spray paints were in. So....I dragged the kids with me and bought 2 cans to try. It was crazy windy today so I couldn't play. Maybe tomorrow?!

Then, we went to Target. My daughter wanted a journal so she can write about our upcoming vacation and I found paper tape! Cute, huh??? I bought a set to try.

Now I just need time to be able to play with everything. Since we leave this Sunday, my play time might have to wait until we get back. I wish I could take everything with me, but I know I won't do a whole lot where we're going. Maybe just some markers and a journal to doodle in??

Mar 20, 2012

sad news

I put Flash, my toy poodle, to sleep on Thursday. It was awful and I feel such a loss! He was 17 years old and was with me longer than I've been married. Flash experienced SO much of my life that I cry every time I think of it: moving apartments, dating, boyfriends, marriage, babies, etc. He was a wonderful boy and I thanked him for being mine. In the back of my mind, I knew it was time. I felt torn because who am I to decide my dog's life is over? On Monday I noticed his eye was goopy and thought he had pink eye. Do dogs even get pink eye? By Wed. it was really gunky and I kept washing his face. Thursday, I cancelled his grooming appointment and got him in with the vet b/c the white of his cataract eye was completely blood red! I was scared b/c I think I knew. Max (my rescue Havanese) knew Flash was sick too. He had been sniffing and licking him incessantly the last two weeks. He was also very aggressive towards him. The dynamics around here are very different. It's quiet without him. He wasn't noisy as he slept 22 hours a day and only barked b/c he could hear Max's bark. Otherwise, he was deaf and pretty much blind. He was incontinent and needed me to constantly change his diapers. He needed me to clean him b/c he couldn't clean himself anymore. I had to carry him up the stairs. I had to lift him into bed and help him out of bed as his legs would give out when he landed. I was scared he was going to break a bone. I was a caregiver to my lovely old boy. Flash smelled terribly, but I loved him unconditionally and I miss him so much. Max misses him too.

Mar 5, 2012


Here are some bright bits of color. I'm feeling like spring is right around the corner, but being this is Chicago you never know. The other day I was walking my dog Max and it was beautiful out! It was a great walk and he was pooped when we finally got back. A few hours later, I picked up the kids and took Jake to guitar. When we got out of the car, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees! The next day, it was freezing cold and hailing, snowing and raining all at the same time! Spring break is in 3 weeks and we are gearing up for a week in the Bahamas! We are going to Atlantis for sun and fun. The last time I was there I was 18 and with my friends on spring break.