Jan 12, 2012

Supplies Me

The other day I signed up for Jane Davenport's class "Supplies Me". I LOVE the way she draws! She is SO cool and I hope to take a class from Jane in person one day. Her voice is soothing and I love seeing her on the beach with her dogs. I looking forward to learning from her and hopefully I will finally be able to master how to draw a nose correctly some time soon!

Class is in session!

Happy New Year! I'm just getting back into our routine as the kids just went back to school this past Monday. But.... they are off tomorrow and Monday! We had a great vacation spending time together. The kids were disappointed that it didn't snow at all over break, but today it snowed a lot! After school, they ran outside to go sledding across the street. They had so much fun and loved the sleds.

I taught a journaling class over vacation too! 5 girls (including Gia) participated and they seemed to really like what they learned. Everyone sewed their own journal and I taught them lots of different backgrounds, textures and collage. It was a little stressful as we were in the dining room and I was worried something was going to break or stain the floor.

I have been playing around in my journals, trying to get myself going again. I am participating in Strathmore's journaling series and right now the instructor is Traci Bautista. I love to doodle and I love using intense colors. So far, it's been fun!