Oct 27, 2012


Playing around with graffiti style on my new covers for a new journal for The Urban Notebook class by Dawn Sokol. I love the texture but think the covers just look messy. I like the colors & fell in love with the paint cannon. Gotta get more of them!

Oct 16, 2012

Life Book

I am SO excited about Life Book 2013 and I wish it would start right now. I didn't do it last year and I regret it. But, this year, the lineup of instructors is amazing! I love many of the teachers and after watching Tam's video showing her completed book, I am inspired.  Check out Dion Dior's blog too, as she is offering a chance to win a spot in Life Book 2013! How cool is that?!?!?!

Oct 10, 2012


Had fun playing this morning with my Gelli plate & deli wrap. Going to collage with these beauties in my art journal next!

Oct 7, 2012


I just haven't been up to any creating. I've been dealing with an incidental medical finding. I had back surgery almost a year and a half ago. Since I've still been having pain, the neurosurgeon ordered an MRI. A tumor was found on my liver. I was terrified of what it was. Formally, I've been diagnosed with a giant hemangioma. It's congenital & the growth is exacerbated by steroids & birth control pills. Well, I've been on the pill since I was 19! I saw a liver transplant surgeon who will operate next month to remove it. Since it is dangling off a lobe of my liver, it could break off or twist. If this happened, I would hemorrhage to death before anyone could help me. I want this abnormality removed, but I am scared.

I have experienced many emotions, but have been disappointed by some of my oldest friends. This is what emerged when I finished this page today.