Aug 4, 2011


My husband bought me a new camera for my birthday! It is the real deal people. It is a Nikon and I am a little intimidated by all of the buttons. I have been playing around with it a little and just figured out how to get the pictures uploaded into iPhoto. There is much to learn! I'm hoping to find a class once school starts. All of these pics were taken by me using my big girl camera!
Maxim decided to smile for me tonight! Check out his teeth. March will be 4 years ago that we
saved him from life in a puppy mill. Max is the BEST boy!!!!

New journal page using some images from my workshop with Ingrid Dijkers. Even when I try to
do grunge, the bright colors still appear!

I loved this octopus and the pipes from the workshop. A little more grungy here I think.

I love how this page turned out! I did so many layers and got some textured circles with gesso and an empty pill bottle. I really enjoyed collaging the zebra's body with images I found in a magazine. I finger painted cream craft paint over and around the zebra to mute the colors. I haven't yet figured out what else I will do here. Maybe nothing! Maybe some doodling!

Speaking of doodles.......... here is my Oodles of Doodles journal. I am taking an online visual journal workshop with Dawn DeVries Sokol. I'm loving this workshop and feel my doodling mojo coming back. I LOVED making the journal out of a Snackwell's box, various paper and tape. Check out the Hello Kitty duct tape I found at Target!

Here are some of my doodles. I am behind schedule! Life just keeps getting in the way.

Dawn provides great prompts and examples. This class is fun! Can't wait to make more journals. So easy and I love repurposing the boxes. My daughter is dying to make one too!

Back cover. I also want to get some of the new Kraft Brown paper by Stonehenge. I think I like working on that color. Anyone used it yet?