Jan 17, 2013

Journal Gelli

I have been going a little nuts with my Gelli plate. I'm having fun with it and I like hunting around for new things to use. It's the element of surprise that gets me!

This is one of my favorite prints ever! I decided to use some pre-preinted tissue paper and voila! SO cool.

I was at the dollar store and bought one of the rubber drawer liners that has tons of tiny squares all over it. I made a bunch of prints with it in different color combinations and I love every one.

So I have tons and tons and tons of prints! What am I going to do with all of them? Some I think will look great on their own in a frame. They can definitely hold their own as an abstract piece of art. I decided to finally cut some up and use the pieces in my journal.

This is what came out of me.  I have given up white flour and white sugar. Since my liver and gallbladder surgery 2 months ago, I decided to try this and see what would happen. You see, I am a SERIOUS sugar and carb addict. I am not joking. Seriously.  My surgeon said there was no need to change my diet, but I wanted to see if my stomach would feel better. Would I feel better because I keep reading how terrible this white stuff is for you! And guess what?  I feel SO much better. I'm not tired. No more stomach pains. I feel lighter. Cleaner. BUT...I still think about the sweets and carbs. A LOT.  

I've been doing some research and recently bought coconut flour, coconut oil and almond flour. I also bought sugar that is not refined. My husband is NOT happy about this. I'm hoping I can bake some really delicious and healthy foods where no one will really notice.  I was hoping to see more of a physical change immediately, however we all know it takes a long time.  I am eating tons of protein, fruit and veggies which it hard for me because veggies really aren't my thing. I'm trying to convince myself that they are.  I'm looking at this as a life change to be healthier!

Jan 8, 2013

Gelli Jello

I am an addict! Last night, I ran down to my art room before making dinner because I just HAD to make some more prints. I've discovered I like using Staples cardstock better than the printing paper I
bought at Dick Blick.  I also LOVE deli paper!!!!

My daughter, Gia, loves the Gelli plate too! She calls it the Jello plate. I explained to her how they can also be made from gelatin and she thought that was really cool! Here she is hard at work. Every time we come downstairs, she wants to Jello!!

Jan 4, 2013

Gelli Stickers

I found some Martha Stewart stickers laying on my table. These were the brown kraft paper kind. I bought these last year at Staples. I love brown kraft paper! I saw them there and wondered how they would look if I printed on them with the Gelli plate. There are LOTS of yummy layers on these! I think they came out great and can't wait to use them in my journal.

Jan 3, 2013

Artful Stamp

I was blog hopping through the blogs I regularly follow the other day, looking for inspiration. I came across Journal Girl and fell in love with her hand carved stamps. I am a self taught carver and have only made a few stamps. Samantha made a bird that was awesome!!

She read this book by Geninne Zlatkis and I ordered it too. It's beautiful, has clear directions, fun projects and at the end there are images you can use to make your own stamps! Geninne shares her own images!!! 

 Well, I decided to try the bookplate stamp and am happy with the outcome. I found the letters challenging, but after going over them a second time was pretty satisfied with my final stamp. I learned that I was carving too deep. I can't wait to do more!!!! I glued my birdy bookplate to the back of my new journal and I think it's fabulous! Check out my post from yesterday and you'll see the bookplate on the back of my new journal.

Jan 2, 2013


Happy new Year!! Hope it's happy and healthy for everyone.

Last week, I went to Venice, Italy. I traveled (virtually) along with MaryAnn Moss in her "Ticket to Venice" class. I learned an awesome new binding stitch and had a ball experiencing her journey. I was in Venice (for real) about 14 years ago during a great summer of travel. It was amazing and I hope I get the chance to return. I truly fell in love with Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast. I bought a lot of glass candy while in Venice, but wasn't yet aware of vintage ephemera. One day soon, I hope!

Here's my new, GIANT, journal filled with yummy Fabrianno hot press paper. It's 11x14!!!!!!!! 

I collaged the covers. Check out the birdy bookplate on the back. I'll tell you more about it later!