Feb 16, 2013

Guest blogger

I am excited because I am the guest blogger today over at artistcellar!  Go check out my post.
Have a great weekend!

Feb 2, 2013


For the 3rd year in a row, I put together the Daddy Daughter Dance for our elementary school. This year's theme was a carnival and it was last night. We had carnival games. A basketball bouncy inflatable thing. A DJ. A fortune teller. A photo booth. Cotton candy. Face painting. Frisbee spin art. Snacks. And, of course, a silent auction. This event takes up an enormous amount of my time as I do it all and then find moms, middle schoolers and high schoolers to volunteer that night. It's a lot of coordinating but is worth it to see the girls with their dads having so much fun. Last night seems to have been a huge success! However, I'm glad it's over.  I haven't had much time for anything else. Before I know it, I will be thinking about next year. I promised Gia that I would plan these dances until she finishes 5th grade. Only 2 more to go!!

While I was buying balloons and tablecloths at the dollar store, I found a roll of brown kraft paper. I have been wanting to buy some and couldn't believe I found it there! Today, I knew I needed to play. Looking at this paper made me remember when I was in middle school and my mom would cut up brown grocery bags and cover my books. I would doodle on these covers! So....I thought, why not doodle on the paper. Paint it. Color it. Anything! Then, use it as a cover for another new journal.
Out came the black ink. I doodled with the ink and a paintbrush. Free form. Flowing. Whatever I felt like doing.
Then, I started to paint in my doodles. I am going to keep adding to it. I think I will add detail with my paint pens. I love my Molotow markers, so maybe I'll try those. I can't get away from the bright neons.
Once it's done, I am going to use this as a cover for a journal. Stay tuned!