Jun 12, 2010

journal play

I've been wanting to create, but feeling a little stuck. I think it's because I don't have time to
play on a regular basis. Now that the kids are on summer vacation, my time is limited. I'm back to creating at night and by 10PM, I'm just so tired! The kids are staying up much later playing, swimming, reading, etc.

So here are a few background pages I was able to throw together. Not sure what I'm going to do with them. I'm happy with the two faces on top. I did these fast this morning while everyone else was eating breakfast, watching TV and watching Transformers on YouTube. My husband thinks the dark haired girl looks like Katy Perry. Time to play with faces more!


  1. Jami, i love your mixed media art...its fun and whimsy and bright and happy. having children is indeed a challenge when you wish to create...i am having an artful fairy tales summer camp two days a week...to help with my summer...my hours our late too...midnight to three sometimes! i think you art is grand so keep making it...blessings Eden

  2. ooops i mean my hours are late when I wish to create...happy creating!