Dec 18, 2012


I have come to the conclusion that I can't allow toxic people in my life anymore. I simply can't take it anymore and I have learned I do not deserve it. I will be cordial & civil because I have to, but the door to my soul will shut on these people.

On a lighter note, my husband and kids bought me "Life Book 2013" for Hanukkah. Ok, I bought it but it's the thought that counts!

Dec 15, 2012

First journal

I went through my very first journal the other night. My first entry is dated June 2009. I used a Moleskine and it actually ended up falling apart. The binding completely separated & this was what prompted me to learn to bind my own journals. I like looking back at what I created. Here is the cover & a few pages.

Dec 7, 2012


I have come to realize that sometimes I really do matter more. In certain situations, I have to remind myself that my needs & emotional well being take precedence.

Background is on deli paper with my Gelli plate. The lettering is with the Molotow markers I just got. I like them & the colors are vibrant, however they were REALLY expensive to get here from Quebec.