Oct 31, 2011


Happy Halloween! Kids and friends are going trick-or-treating after school today. This year ......
Mad Scientist and Pinky - from PacMan!

Hope to find time to finish my journal! I'm at the end and it's time to make a new book.

Happy Halloween everyone! What is your favorite candy? I love it all but am trying to be good this year. We'll will see.

Oct 30, 2011


I created this spread a few weeks ago and I really like the colors and distressed effect I created. I really need to start keeping notes of what I do because I can't remember. Then, someone asks me what I did and I have no clue! Maybe I'll create a journal just for demo-ing different ideas and writing down my steps. How do you keep track of your experiments?
(the face and body are from Teesha Moore and the arms are tape by Cavallini.
"squeeze the day" is from a Boden catalog)

Oct 19, 2011


I've been playing around with my Copic markers and trying to get down the shading. It is trickier than I thought! I think it would help if I had more variation in the same color families. I've been using the Bristol smooth paper which I think is perfect for these markers. They leak through, but I kind of like how it looks on the back! So many yummy colors to choose from. Dick Blick is having a sale this weekend! Guess where I'll be??
Such a great quote from Steve Jobs. What a visionary! He changed the course of this world.