May 25, 2010


Here is a really cool background I created using some of my new supplies! I have some ideas, now I just need time to really play around. This is on canvas paper, which I have never used before. I'm thinking book covers or a mixed media piece maybe????

After trying a zillion different recipes for banana bread, I FINALLY found one that is super yummy! Check out and you will see this recipe and some amazing
pictures of cookies and cupcakes. Now I want to make sugar cookies and learn how to frost with royal icing.

Is it hot where you are? It was over 90 again today! We are ready for the pool to open. Only two days of school left and then off to San Francisco for the weekend. Does anyone know of any great independent art stores I should check out? Please let me know. In the ten years we've been going there, I've never found any great/unique art supply stores.

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  1. Love the background. I would go for the mixed media piece.