May 7, 2010

Playing Around

Here is what I've been playing around with. I think I like it so far, not completely sure. I love how the elephant is coming out and I dig the sky! I'm going for depth here. The house is quiet, but I am just SO tired that I've been sitting here staring at this, trying to figure out what to do with the grass. I painted some flowers and wiped them off b/c I didn't like how it looked. Any ideas??? My son would tell me to add some Transformers, and my daughter would tell me to add a unicorn. What do you think?

Speaking of my son . . . . today was the 2nd Grade Mother's Day Tea. It was wonderful and I got teary eyed. Jake memorized his entire role of narrator for the play! I had no idea. He even spoke with an accent. He was a little nervous, but I was so proud of him for getting on stage in front of all the moms and his classmatess. Jake presented me with an entire folder of things he wrote about me in honor of Mother's Day and I was amazed. These are treasures that will be saved. I hugged him tight - - stunned in awe at the fantastic son we have.

Here is a sampling of what touched me.
I am me because of you...
I have eyes so that I can see you.
I have ears so that I can hear you read to me.
I smile because I like laughing.
I use my brain to draw my ideas.
I have a heart to love you.
I have arms to hug you.
I am me because of you, and for that I thank you!
Happy Mother's Day!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day Tea...
    In Jake's list he has shown that HE receives LOVE and has learned to give LOVE...
    That's a tribute to a gOOd mother :D
    Happy Mother's Day!!1