Jan 2, 2013


Happy new Year!! Hope it's happy and healthy for everyone.

Last week, I went to Venice, Italy. I traveled (virtually) along with MaryAnn Moss in her "Ticket to Venice" class. I learned an awesome new binding stitch and had a ball experiencing her journey. I was in Venice (for real) about 14 years ago during a great summer of travel. It was amazing and I hope I get the chance to return. I truly fell in love with Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast. I bought a lot of glass candy while in Venice, but wasn't yet aware of vintage ephemera. One day soon, I hope!

Here's my new, GIANT, journal filled with yummy Fabrianno hot press paper. It's 11x14!!!!!!!! 

I collaged the covers. Check out the birdy bookplate on the back. I'll tell you more about it later!

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