Jan 3, 2013

Artful Stamp

I was blog hopping through the blogs I regularly follow the other day, looking for inspiration. I came across Journal Girl and fell in love with her hand carved stamps. I am a self taught carver and have only made a few stamps. Samantha made a bird that was awesome!!

She read this book by Geninne Zlatkis and I ordered it too. It's beautiful, has clear directions, fun projects and at the end there are images you can use to make your own stamps! Geninne shares her own images!!! 

 Well, I decided to try the bookplate stamp and am happy with the outcome. I found the letters challenging, but after going over them a second time was pretty satisfied with my final stamp. I learned that I was carving too deep. I can't wait to do more!!!! I glued my birdy bookplate to the back of my new journal and I think it's fabulous! Check out my post from yesterday and you'll see the bookplate on the back of my new journal.

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