Jan 8, 2013

Gelli Jello

I am an addict! Last night, I ran down to my art room before making dinner because I just HAD to make some more prints. I've discovered I like using Staples cardstock better than the printing paper I
bought at Dick Blick.  I also LOVE deli paper!!!!

My daughter, Gia, loves the Gelli plate too! She calls it the Jello plate. I explained to her how they can also be made from gelatin and she thought that was really cool! Here she is hard at work. Every time we come downstairs, she wants to Jello!!


  1. I love the colors, and the prints, and what a happy girl! This is really a great tool for kids too.

  2. great prints. looks like you and your daughter are having fun. I am addicted too, lol.

  3. Your prints are beautiful! I love your colors. The pictures of your daughter using the plate are so sweet.

  4. Your daughter is a cutie! Jello...that's cute! How fun that you are sharing your love of creativity together.

    ;-> Felicia
    The Journal Junkie
    Blog: http://feliciathejournaljunkie.blogspot.com/

  5. So exciting to be able to share this with your darling daughter. She looks like she really enjoys playing with the gelli plate and messy inks as much as we do!