May 1, 2011

One month out

I can't believe it's already been 1 month since my surgery! Every day I am feeling better and PT is going well. My therapist kicks my ass 2x a week, but my goal is to be able to start working out again by June. I can already bend 10 degrees back. When I started 3 weeks ago, I couldn't bend at all! When I started, I could bend 30 degrees forward and now I can bend 70! Such excitement.

I was just given permission to start driving again - but only short jaunts! At least I'm not a prisoner anymore. My friends were fantastic, but I like having my independence without relying on anyone. I'm not good at asking for help.

Life has been busy even though I was out of commission for what seems like forever. My son turned 9, my husband also had a birthday and my daughter woke up last Saturday and decided she would finally learn to ride her bike without training wheels. Guess what? She did it! It just goes to show that when they are ready to do something, they will. Her older friend spent some time teaching her what to do and it was amazing to see! I am so proud of both girls.

Now that I can sit a little longer, I have been playing a little. I'm still feeling blocked but I know I have to keep plugging away to break through.

I'm thinking of adopting another Havanese! I have a call in to the rescue organization. We found a little girl that is so cute and I think it is important for Max to have a sibling since we don't know how much longer Flash will be with us.

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  1. What gorgeous journal pages! They are so rich - so much to see; I love them :)