Mar 17, 2011


I am ready for spring. I have the bug. It's itching like crazy. I know it because I have already started to purge. There is just too much stuff in the house and it just gets to me every year around this time. My kids love to save everything which kills me because I don't really save anything! Of course I save pictures and things my kids have made, but why does my daughter still like to take and save business cards? Can anyone explain this?

Here is a new page that evolved on it's own. I created the page way before I even knew what I was going to write on it. I love when that happens! I didn't even think about the fact that there was a monkey on the page and that what I was writing completely tied into the notion that we all, at times, have a monkey on our back.

Here are some other pages in the beginning stages. I'm trying to really get into the layering and messy/grungy look, but am finding it hard. I'm also trying to really let go and not think too much about the process of it all.


  1. WOW your journalling is stunning the collaging is gorgeous and i love the colours xxx

  2. Your journal pages are a treat - I don't think you have to try too hard as you have a natural flair. Beautiful work.

  3. I love the freedom of your journal pages. Also envy the trip you were on. What I'd give for some sunshine.