Mar 4, 2011

This is where we were exactly one week ago today. It was fantastic!!! 85 degrees, full sunshine, palm trees, turquoise water and fun at the beach all day long. Today, it is maybe 40 degrees, dreary and rainy here in the Chicago area. Yuck!!! I'd much rather live here.

Believe it or not, we were aboard this cruise ship for a week. We went on a Disney cruise! Was it fabulous?? Yes and no. Yes because we were with family for a full week. We had good food, saw UNBELIEVABLE shows and traveled to great spots. But you see, we are not Disney fanatics. After a while, it was sensory overload. Now don't get me wrong, our kids had a fantastic time (parties, dodgeball, basketball, movies, games, computers, experiments, etc.) but we just aren't into the whole Disney things. It's cute fun and all, but at a certain point it's just enough. On top of it, I just don't really get adults who tattoo Tinkerbell or Mickey on their body. A major disappointment were the pools. 3 pools and it was almost impossible to find a chaise. I mean really! Parents are supposed to relax on this trip with their kids, but there isn't enough room? On top of it, the pools were so small that everyone was just bobbing! Our kids wanted to swim and they were frustrated that there wasn't room. I was frustrated that with SO many people in such a small area, there wasn't a lifeguard! We had a great time but my husband and I agree that we would never do a Disney cruise again.

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