Apr 28, 2010

Beautiful Day

It is beautiful outside today!!! Things are starting to bloom and the sun just makes you feel so good. I wish my art area was upstairs where I had daylight. Instead, I have a spot in the basement on the side that is unfinished. I can make a mess without worrying something will get ruined, but I feel banished! One day I would like to have a Gypsy caravan in the backyard that could be my studio. I need to go back and find the site, but I once discovered a site in Europe that sells actual Gypsy caravans. They were SO COOL!!!!

Anyway, I have lots of ideas churning around in my head. There are a lot of things I want to do
creatively. I think I will try making some painted sugar cookies I saw online. I know Gia (my daughter) will love it. Jake might want to paint some too. He is also creative! Monday is the start of teacher appreciation week and we need to send in a baked good (homemade or bought). Hopefully these will turn out great and we can send them in!

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