Apr 20, 2010


I'm finding this whole passage of time thing to be so strange. Yesterday, my son turned 8. I can't believe it! How can he possibly be 8 years old already??? How can it be that he will be in 3rd grade this September? I remember everything about the day he was born. I was induced, and Will and I drove to the hospital like it was no big deal. We were going to have a baby!
Now he is 8. From this point forward, it is all big - - life, school, activities, the attitude, interests, need for independence, need for mom, etc.

I look at pictures and remember every moment that is captured. I look at myself and think I look the same, but logically I know this isn't true. It can't be true! I see the gray hair starting. There are times I still find it odd that I am somebody's mom. Me! a mom!

I love this quote by Einstein because I believe my children are miracles. The entire process has been, and is, a miracle. Every day, I look at them both and am amazed. I need things to slow down so I can truly take it all in.

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