Oct 15, 2013

Gelli Tape

I used clear packing tape and made some really cool sheets on the Gelli plate. I brushed on colored shimmery powder and silver leaf on the sticky areas and adhered them to the back of a cell phone cover. Love this process! You can check out my detailed post today over at Artistcellar.


  1. I was just re-reading your post on pouring medium here on your blog and at ArtistCellar. Exactly what is pouring medium?

  2. Pouring medium is a substance that dries clear and glossy. It is flexible, permanent, non-yellowing, and water resistant. It can be mixed with soft body acrylic color. I have been using it as a finishing layer and also as part of a faux encaustic result. Usually I spread it on with a palette knife to get a smooth glass-like surface. It can be poured to get puddles or as an acrylic sheet-like finish.