Aug 6, 2013

I'm back!

I fell off the grid for too long! I've been consumed with "scrapbooking" the last 11 years of our lives. I put it in quotes b/c I'm not creating amazing pages and most photos are just in the sleeves in some chronological order. This has taken over the dining room! My goal was to work backwards sequentially, but I ended up trying to do everything at once. Now I have stopped and AMAZINGLY enough, I am almost done!  My kids love looking at themselves and reading what I've written.

My kids were at overnight camp for the last 3 weeks. We just picked them up on Sunday. It was great seeing them again, but I have to admit it was nice having them gone too! There was barely any laundry to do and my husband and I were able to be real adults!
We saw The Heat and The To Do List and we were laughing SO hard we actually had tears pouring down our faces. We went out for great dinners and even saw The Book of Mormon.

So I've been trying to get creating again as I've missed it terribly. This past weekend, I took my second encaustic painting workshop with Ahavani. I had a great time playing around with the wax and trying out different things. I still want to set something up in my garage so I can really get into this medium!

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