Jul 11, 2012


Here are some recent pages. I've been spending lots of time having fun creating backgrounds, but then I've been getting stuck with where to go from there! What do you do when you get stuck?


  1. honey your blog is on my very short list of favorites! have you thought of teaching a course, or do you and i've missed seeing it? i would be the first to sign up. i am so intrigued by your work Jami that i would love to be taught "your" process. Would you consider it if you haven't already teaching your particular techniques and step by steps? Also I found a good list of challenges to enter this last week with my page, if you are at all interested, the feedback was wonderful - feel free to scalp (case) the list and enter thi page...it is truly wonderful...or any page in the future that I find challenges for. I love entering them, but between you and me, rarely check the results...it is all about helping companies along with their entries, having designed for 10 companies. That is another thing hunny bunny, have you thought of designing for companies? LOTS of exposure! Those are my thoughts for the day and my budinski-ness. Smiles and Joy, Samara

  2. p.s. you have to read "Sum 40" it is amazing! Tell me if you like it and I will recommend some more. I'm currently reading "turning your mind into an Ally".

  3. Oh wow! do I ever love the colours in your journal pages! brilliant.

    your newest follower

    creative carmelina
    ciao bella! xo

  4. Love the quote ,the doll face and all your coloring and imaging!!!