Sep 17, 2013

What u think of me

So I have been dealing with a PTA issue at my daughter's elementary school. They are bringing in a fundraiser that I don't agree with. It is a company that will run an event and take 48% of all total monies raised. There are some good elements (i.e physical activity, character education) however, they have a script they are going to give each child that teaches the "how to's" of fundraising. There are many mantras they want the kids to repeat and I was/am concerned about the loss of instructional time.  Additionally, I believe the fundraising component does NOT belong in the public school.

To make a long story short, I accidentally sent an email to the PTA president that wasn't supposed to go to her. In it, I wrote she was fake b/c her email was complimentary to me (in regards to the last 3 years of planning the annual Daddy Daughter Dance) but in person criticized me for going over budget. The budget is not negative.  I was mad at myself for being so careless in sending it to the wrong person. So.....I owned it. I responded to her that these were in fact my feelings and went on briefly to reiterate what I believed about my past contributions and my current concerns.

I resigned from my role as chairperson for the dance because I simply do not want to be involved with this organization any longer.  I was offended and upset that someone would become angry and nasty when faced with someone who wanted clarification as to how specific policies applied to this situation.

I don't care what people think of me, but I am mad at myself that I sent the email to the wrong person.

As I wrote in my follow up, this issue is done and no further discussion is needed.

Here is the journal page that came out of this. I had fun using pouring medium, collage, modeling paste, paint and collage. I am definitely going to play around more with the pouring medium. It's hard to see the shine in the picture, but it's there. I mixed interference blue in with the medium so there is a holographic blue sheen to the page too. I couldn't get it in the picture.

I felt the quote was very appropriate for this situation. Loving the texture!!!!!

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