Mar 8, 2013

Catch My Breath

I've been playing around in my journal, feeling the need to move beyond where I am. Everything I do right now still is coming out differently than how I have it in my head.
 I am dying to learn how to paint with encaustics, am on the verge of purchasing a studio kit and teaching myself. I can't find a workshop out by me and I REALLY have the bug! I think taking a workshop will push me past where I am.  I'm feeling the need to create work that is grittier, real and maybe abstract. I'm not sure. Just feel like I need something different. Something more.

I've also decided to venture into scrapbooking. I have thousands of pictures stored on my computer and in Shutterfly. I've put together albums on Shutterfly, but was inspired by my girlfriend who creates scrapbooks for her daughter. I'm almost caught up from this year and then I will work backwards. I want to have something concrete like this for my kids. They love what I've done so far and say the pages help them remember all of the "good times"!  Here are a few pages I've put together and I've used some of my gelli prints and art journaling materials.


  1. Your art journal page is lovely. I really like the lettering & those eyes. I like your scrapbooking pages too. I started doing Project Life last year for a similar reason (saw some I liked, had heaps of photos & wanted the memories saved for my son) but I haven't gone backwards... you're very brave as it can be a lot of work!

  2. I love the painting and the writing on your art journal page. Her face, especially is very captivating!