May 21, 2012

Old find

This July will be 5 yrs. that we've been here in Naperville, IL. Last night, I came across a box of things I haven't seen in forever! When I was in my early 20s, I was into beading. I made the peyote stitch bags, a lampshade, rings, bracelets, you name it. I was into the beading craze! I found this purse that took me forever to make. I think I only used it a few times b/c I was afraid it would fall apart. It's been in storage for more than 10 years & is in perfect condition. I still love the blue & can't believe I made it!!


  1. Fabulous beaded bag. You should display it somewhere you see it everyday. Great inspiration and should make you happy to know you made it. Look forward to following your blog.