Dec 10, 2011

blog repair

All is fixed and I decided to change the background AGAIN! Winter is officially here as it snowed yesterday. Barely a dusting, yet everyone forgot how to drive! Of course my kids are wanting LOTS of snow. They are ready to go sledding!

Just participated in a holiday shopping event and did really well! I was thrilled by the positive response. Everyone loved my girls and felt my work touched them in some way. Additionally, I am excited because two local shops will be carrying my work. I have to get a move on and make a few more pieces so there is enough of a selection when I bring in the pieces on Wednesday.

I SO want to go away, take a bunch of classes, be around like minded people and get inspired! Now that it is so yucky outside, I will be inside a lot. However, I love learning and exploring new mediums and ideas and am feeling a little isolated not being able to have some fun! I'm still kind of stuck having to take online classes as I don't have anyone to come stay with my kids while I'm gone. My husband works a ton and they aren't old enough to leave alone. One day! I know..... one day. I have found one online drawing class that sounds good. Anyone find anything they definitely will be signing up to take?

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