Nov 2, 2011

Now that my son's football season is over, I'm hoping to really have more time to paint and play. I volunteered to be picture mom and capture great shots of the team at every game. As it started to get cold, my husband volunteered to take over being the team photographer! I have spent a ridiculous amount of time putting together a slideshow for each player so they will remember their fantastic season. The team was undefeated 8-0 and the party is this Sunday. I still have to burn the DVDs!!

Last week, school pictures came home and I was SO happy that both of my kids looked great!
Last year, my son's picture was SO HORRIBLE I burst out laughing which made him very upset. I just couldn't help it. The picture was THAT BAD. These pictures are fantastic and both of my kids look fabulous. Their smiles say it all.
The background was inspired by Donna Downey. Love the layers!

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