Oct 6, 2010

doodles & charms

I was playing around with my paints and paper canvas a few weeks ago and this is what I ended up with. I limited my play time to 30 minutes and only 5 -6 colors. Was fun, but I need to do this more so I don't analyze, plan and over think. It's hard to be free and let go.

My back has been terrible for the last month and about a week and a half ago it completely went out. I experienced the most horrible pain that just wouldn't subside. This has happened many times before, but as I'm getting older these "episodes" have been happening more often, with more intensity and lasting longer. I couldn't move my right leg. There were a LOT of tears here! Not to bore you with the details, but it turns out I have a BIG herniated disc. Yesterday I got a steroidal epidural which was excruciating. I cried in the procedure room.

It seems like it is working b/c today is the first day in almost 2 weeks that I don't have any pain. My sister (who is a Dr.) reminded me that I'm still experiencing the side effects of the anesthetic and the initial load of steroids. I'm hoping this works, because if not I was told I need surgery!

So I have been depressed b/c I haven't been able to really do anything. LOTS of lying around, which I'm not good at. I have been doodling and drawing in my journal. It's been challenging b/c we are also building out the basement and I am getting my own art area that is going to be great!!! It's not going to be with the workout equipment anymore and I plan to make it all mine and pretty. I'm very excited! But, I've been dealing with banging, drilling, hammering, sawing, etc. while not feeling well. The steroids are making me feel awful, and every now and then I feel a twinge in my back.

I'm hoping this is it for the medical issues. They say things come in 3's right? It started this summer with that awful bug bite on my foot that I reacted to, then my tooth surgery and now my back. I should be done now, right??????

I found these cool charms at Michaels. You can use them with other components to make charm necklaces and bracelets. I think I am going to use these on upcoming journals. I need to get going because I want to try to sell some journals on Etsy! They need to finish the basement ASAP and my back needs to recover on its own so I can do my thing!

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  1. Oh Sweetie... I'm so sorry to hear about your back troubles. It reminded me of the movie I watched last night called Frida. Have you seen it? I sure hope you don't have to get back surgery, if you do, have your hubby construct a contraption like Frida's so you can paint and create more beautiful art like the ones you've showed us here. They look great!