Aug 19, 2010

Pages from Teesha Moore workshop

As I posted last month, I had THE BEST time in OH with Teesha Moore. It has taken me a while to start posting some of the pages I created in the book I assembled. Life is starting to shift back to routines as school is starting next week. Crazy!

I had surgery on my tooth and the prognosis is good! I try not to think about what the surgeon did, because when I do think about it, I get freaked out. No one can tell when they look at me, but I am VERY self conscious when I smile. My smile is a little altered too! My kids love to look at it and exclaim, "GROSS!!!" or "EEEWWWW!" :)

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting some time to create. It has been VERY sparse this summer. Not only does my daughter love to use my supplies, but now ALL of her friends love it too. The time is coming (I think) for me to act upon my desire to teach kids. I have an interview at a local place, but I am not an art teacher. I am a certified teacher who is an artist. Not sure if it will matter. Would it matter to you? I wouldn't care as long as creativity was embraced and the enthusiasm and fun existed. I'll let you know what happens!


  1. These pages look great! I love all the colors, great job! I know what you mean about creativity time being sparse... here too. Glad your tooth prognosis is good, hopefully this will all be behind you soon. It wouldn't matter to me that you were not a certified art teacher for my son, as long as you encouraged creativity and challenges for my son... follow your heart!

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